Our vision: To offer personalised quality service to our clients across legal, business restructuring and strategic planning.

About us

Ramesh Aiman Advocates was founded in September 2012 by Ramesh Aiman Since then, the firm has grown to be one of UAE’s leading legal service provider, an active boutique firm with international exposure and expertise that focuses on select clients and quality mandates. 

The firm is distinguished for providing solution-oriented and value-adding services to its clients with strong knowledge and understanding of Clients business and commercial needs. This success is attributed to the nationally and internationally-trained team of regional and global lawyers. MHLF proudly is supported with strategic and planning expertise which is essential for conflict resolution, corporate, policies development and legislative services. 

The firm is now well established and recognized as an arbitration and conflict resolution expert in commercial and corporate matters and noticeable in providing comprehensive legal solutions for complex legal challenges. 

The team is dedicated and has extensive knowledge on UAE laws. MHLF lawyers also have the skills to blend international best practices into their services, which helps meet the region’s unique needs. 

The firm specializes in providing advice on mergers and acquisitions, complex business transactions which include but not limited to private equity deals, corporate governance, and legal structuring. 

Over the years, MHLF has nurtured and grown a client base that includes high net worth individuals, major corporations, LLCs, family-owned businesses, private and public stock companies, and governmental and semi-governmental bodies. 

The uniqueness of MHLF legal experts can be seen in their focus on client satisfaction. As a UAE based law firm equipped with international highly rewarded lawyers registered by different legal bodies such as England & wales Courts, Indian Bar association, French, Lebanese and other jurisdictions, the firm today celebrates its diversity not only on the ethnic backgrounds but the ability to access different legal systems with capability to maintain more than 10 different languages and dialogs so to assure that MHLF clients are served by international standards with local knowledge. 

We ensure that we exceed client expectations. Our team of lawyers and staff are rewarded to provide expert solutions that fulfill client’s goals. The team is available when and where you need them to be ready to offer expert legal representation.

At MHLF, is part of the UAE global success and international business platform we adopt the highest level of professionalism. We ensure our clients’ needs are met and preserve their valued secrets. We are all about transparent communication and ensuring that clients are informed about the developments of their cases as they arise. This allows us to come up with the best available strategies.

Our team is adaptable, hardworking, tenacious, and committed to the cause of developing legal strategies to help our clients win. We adapt to challenges regardless of the case complexity, the adversary, or legal issue involved.

MHLF has a long-standing reputation of having talented lawyers ready to provide the best legal advice.

Our clients understand that no matter the problem, MHLF will tailor a solution that speaks to their specific need(s).


Ramesh Aiman Advocates has over the years become known for providing high-end solutions to legal problems. The firm ensures that all clients, whether local or regional, achieve desired results. 

We are equipped and enjoy most dynamic, skilled and effective Litigation and Arbitration experts in different fields, however, our lawyers and staff have unprecedented experience in negotiations, dealing with legal issues and litigations. We do this by first mastering our client’s business and their working environment. 

This enables us to partner with the client in pursuing the best strategic actions that steer them away from all legal challenges encountered during business operations. 

Our Mission 

To Promote the Firm sustainable growth through internationally recognized brand , an effective legal services and an efficient service process hence to serve clients with the best global practices while helping them achieve their interests and aspirations.

Our Vision 

To become a UAE tier 1 law firm that provides efficient and dynamic legal services and practical conflict resolution solutions for its clients by 2021. Thus, our focus in building customized, personalized, while adhering to the company’s core values of integrity, honor, objectivity, credibility, and impartiality remain to be our concrete base.


Our Values

Thus, our focus in building customized, personalized, while adhering to the company’s core values of integrity, honor, objectivity, credibility, and impartiality remain to be our concrete base.


Facts and Numbers 

MHLF has over time evolved to become one of UAE’s most sort after legal services providers. 

Starting with only three employees, the firm now has a total of 35 employees. It has 21 lawyers and six partners. The growth of MHLF team is noticed in a very specialized and non- traditional areas such as fine art laws, media and intellectual property, fintech and finance, smart innovation, family offices and trust with a focus in the development of legislative frameworks services. However, the expertise of conflict resolution services, employment, corporate and commercial such as M&A and hospitality are remain to be the top of its peers in the UAE local firm matrix. 

The global gender gap report 2017, ranks the UAE as the second highest Arab country to offer women the same rights as men. Women today represent 46.6 percent of the labour force in the UAE. At MHLF, we believe in giving women the same opportunities as men.